About Us


The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust (HACT) is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to tackling the HIV/AIDS pandemic through holistic, multifaceted and sustainable interventions including prevention, care, community empowerment and community outreach.

Founded in 1990 by the Hillcrest Methodist Church, our geographical focus area is the rural and poverty-torn communities of the Valley of 1000 Hills region of KwaZulu-Natal -  one of the epicentres of the HIV/AIDS pandemic with HIV-infection rates of up to 40-60%Click here to view a timeline of our history.

Our mission is to provide unconditional love and hope to HIV/AIDS impacted communities in the Valley of 1000 Hills region through interventions addressing prevention, care, economic empowerment and community outreach.  Our vision is an AIDS-free Valley of 1000 Hills, and all our projects work towards this dream.

Our team is made up of 130 paid or stipend staff members, 95 percent of whom come from the communities we serve and many of whom have personally been impacted by HIV/AIDS. We are also blessed to have 50 unpaid volunteers who donate their time and skills to helping us achieve our mission.  We are governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees who bring expertise and wisdom from the medical, legal, business, community development and HIV/AIDS sectors.  

Read more about our objectives and our values here. 

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