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Dream's For Africa Chair 

In 2009 Woza Moya did a body maping workshop with the crafters, what came out of this workshop was that Dreams for the future are just not possible in the harsh environments and poverty striken communities that Woza Moya works with, this was an incredibly sad reality to learn

We wanted to make poeple dream again and encourage powerful positive thoughts about our futures and of course our beautiful country. And so the Dreams for Africa projects were born.

The Dreams for Africa chair was the first project that was a result of the body mapping workshoop. We asked each crafter to bead their dream, these beaded dreams were then sewn together and attached to a chair which became the Dreams for Africa Chair.

The Chair travelled around South African and afterward to New York, the Netherland and Zilt collecting dreams as it went. Once the dreams were collected Woza Moya created a coffee table book with a collection of images from all the travels with all the dreams

In 2014 Woza Moya was contacted by a private buyer who wanted the Chair. It was a difficult decision to make but the whole purpose of the Chair was to inspire dreams and what better way than to raise funds for a new craft centre that will go on helping hundreds of people?

The Chair sold for R850 000.  

In 2015 the Dreams for Africa Chair was delivered to it's new home in Cape Town, South Africa

If you would like your "little piece"of the Dreams for Africa Chair the coffee table book is available for purchase for R250.00

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