The Hope Club

Join The Hope Club and help us give hope to people impacted by HIV/AIDS…

“Hope is being able to see the light, despite all the darkness…” Archbishop Desmond Tutu

For the past 27 years, HACT has been providing unconditional love and hope to thousands of people impacted by HIV/AIDS. There has been much progress in the fight against the disease during this time, and while we know the battle is far from over, we now have more hope than ever that we will one day realise our dream of an HIV-free generation and an AIDS-free Valley of 1000 Hills.

Through our holistic and family-centric approach, HACT is determined to continue tackling the devastating impact that HIV/AIDS is having on our families, friends, communities and workplaces, one person and one family at a time…

How does HACT give hope to those impacted by HIV/AIDS?

Every day, HACT is giving hope to thousands of people impacted by HIV/AIDS;

Hope for an HIV-free generation - HACT’s HIV prevention and education programmes are providing hope to thousands of children and young people– hope that they may make wise choices and remain HIV negative and hope that they may reach their full potential and grow to be our future leaders, giving our country a brighter future.

Hope for a better life - HACT’s community outreach and income generation projects train, uplift and support thousands of people impacted by HIV/AIDS, giving them and their families a sustainable source of income and hope for a better life.

Hope for a second chance at life - HACT’s Respite Unit gives hope to those that are sick due to HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infections – hope for acceptance, hope for quality care and treatment and hope for recovery and the opportunity to return home to one’s family.

Hope for a dignified and peaceful death - For those whom cannot recover, HACT’s Respite Unit provides hope for a dignified and peaceful death, surrounded by love, thanks to the support and comfort provided by our caring team.

How Do I Join The Hope Club?

If you would like to help us give hope to those impacted by HIV/AIDS by making a monthly donation of between R50 and R1000 per month, then please consider joining The Hope Club.

Please choose whichever payment method is most convenient for you to make your monthly donations:

1.      Debit Order – please click here for our Debit Order Form

2.      EFT – Please click here to make your monthly donations via EFT. (Please always use your name and “hope” as the reference for your monthly donations and email us your proof of payment to


Please Note: HACT is a BBEEE level 4 contributor and a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit organisation. All donations to HACT are tax-deductible.