Benson: My Experience At HACT

As part of experiential working and learning in Child and Youth Development work, Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust (HACT) offers rich deposits of skills. I am very grateful for the experience and lessons I gained within a short space of time. I am so impressed and motivated by the work of Ncami and Sbu, the committed Life Skills and Peer Educators at HACT. What impressed me the most about these educators is that they are bold, energetic and take their work as part of their daily prayer. They pose a tremendous amount of an impact on children in the community and assist them to realise their potential. As a volunteer who has a passion in child and youth development, I am glad to tell that there are many lessons which I learned from the workshop given at the Ukusakwabasha Primary School.

As a prospective facilitator, I have learnt that for a successful workshop with children, you have to approach them with their own thinking level to get the best interaction with them. It is also important to be create a positive and happy mood when engaging with the children as they feel more comfortable to interact. This relationship is very important because the children build trust in the facilitator and begin to share their world views. This builds courage in the children and they are able to explore their thoughts. It is also important to let them share and speak their views about topics brought up during the workshop.

If the facilitator has new ideas and points of correction then he or she is able to share and add to what the children know. Working with children requires confidence so that the children can also imitate from the facilitator. I am honoured to be able to experience the need for such workshops in the community. They give the children knowledge about several social issues and some of the challenges which they generally experience on a day to day basis. I truly enjoyed being with the children and I feel this experience has motivated me.

Once again thank you to the HACT team, I am deeply honoured to be part of your team even if it was for one day.

Photograph: outside Ukusakwabasha Primary School with fellow volunteer Daniel (left) and HACT Education Assistant Ncami (right)Puma