Enough is Enough - a Poem

The following poem was composed by the managing director of one of our funding partners, Paddy Morris from Key Trucks New Germany, following a presentation at their workplace by some of our staff.  Paddy wrote, "After the recent ceremony and from the input of your presentation and the poem received from one of your members - it touched me so much I thought I would reciprocate by composing a poem from what I had learnt."


Enough, Enough we have had it rough  

Now - we challenge with abstinence - we have got to be tough

You have taken their mothers and fathers - God what a shame 

Leaving Gogos and Grandpas - all those orphans remain               


No matter what colour or creed you may be      

It has no distinction between you and me           


Be shackled in poverty or despairingly rich

It does not discriminate, it is prevalent, no matter which              


TWENTY FIVE percept of us, 1 IN 4, you reside

This is a fact that we can no longer hide

With collaboration we will turn this tide

One day to stand free, victorious with pride       


Our weapons, now many our armour now strong            

We now have allies and sponsors to fight this battle - long           

They have heard our pleas and our desperate cries        

Enough! they acknowledge - before someone else dies               


The secret is out its right there in our youth        

To instil the awareness, so that we all know the truth    

No matter your status you are still one of us      

We love you no matter, you will need not fuss  


It is no embarrassment in fact it is wise 

Make it a habit always condomise           

Many lessons we've learnt from those that you have ravaged   

To protect and prevent so that more don’t get savaged


Polio and cancer, they said couldn't be beat       

But today we have hope, no need to retreat     

In our life time, believe, we will find a cure         

Abstain with discipline, with a long term perspective- be sure    


It’s now not enough to stop dreaming of what you can be           

Or enough of how happy and healthy, stay free               

AIDS can be beaten, keep this dream, for its true            

Stand! - Fight! - Pull Together! Siyakhanya - shine through          

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