HACT Vacancies

HACT is currently accepting applications for the following vacancies in 2019:

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Education Coordinator (Peer Education)


Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust (HACT) is recruiting an Education Coordinator for a 1-year fixed term contract for its Peer Education programme.


Duties include:

Khangelani's Story

31 year-old, Khangelani Motha is currently a patient in the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust’s (HACT) Respite Unit where he is being treated for TB. Khangelani is eager to share his story in the hope that it will help others not make the same mistakes that has led him to this point in his life…

Thandekile's Story

33 year-old Thandekile is an intelligent, well-spoken young lady with a bright future and a second chance at life. Looking at her beautiful face, you would never guess the pain and grief she has endured over the past ten months and how, were it not for the help of her close friend, Londiwe, she may not be with us today.

A Tribute to Mirna

Mirna, of course, is not her real name, but I have chosen it because the name means “a calm and tender person”.

Mirna was admitted to our Respite Unit here at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust a few months ago. At the time, she was breathless and in extreme pain with a diagnosis of both HIV and cervical cancer. The HIV was well under control and had been so since Mirna has started ARV treatment in 2012.

A little Respect - Gogo Friedah's Story

64 year-old, Friedah Dlamini lives in Molweni with her four grandchildren aged 8,10, 13 and 18. She has been a member of her local gogo support group for over ten years and says together, they have overcome many challenges. Called the “Gcinisthembiso” group, which roughly translates in isiZulu to “stick to your plan”, Friedah and her fellow gogos have offered each other strength and comfort through many a hardship, including the loss of one of Friedah’s three children, who passed away six years ago.

Young performers shine at HACT’s annual Positive Lifestyles event

HACT’s annual Positive Lifestyles event

Unity was the key message at HACT’s annual Positive Lifestyles event held at the Pinetown Civic Hall last week Thursday, the 23 August 2018. Over 500 leaners from four primary schools located in the Valley of 1000 Hills, came together to share healthy living messages through a series lively performances which included traditional Zulu dancing, traditional wedding Songs and poetry.