Gogolympics 2017

28 Apr 2017

HACT’s seventh annual Gogolympics event is taking place on Friday, the 28th April 2017 at the Molweni Sports Ground. Over 1000 grannies will compete on the day in soccer, netball and other traditional sports and games.

An annual event since 2011, this one-of-a-kind, sporting extravaganza is hosted by HACT’s Gogo Support Groups Programme in partnership with the Department of Sports and Recreation, Department  of Health,  eThekwini Municipality and The Fishers Net.

Our grannies train year-round in the lead up to the event thus adopting a more active and healthy lifestyle - which not only benefits them, but the many orphaned grandchildren in their care.

The Gogolympics also serves as a platform for selecting participants in the Golden Games - a national sporting competition for our senior citizens and one of the Department of Sports and Recreation’s flagship events.

For photos from our 2016 Gogolympics event please visit our Facebook page.

In addition to our partnersl listed above, our Gogolympics event is made possible thanks to the generous support of the following sponsors:

There are numerous opportunities available for those that also wish to get involved in our 2017 Gogolymics, please see below for more details... 

Sponsorships & Donations Wish List:

We are still appealing for donations or sponsorship of the following items that will be used on  the day:

·         1000 x sports drinks

·         5 x large marques

·         500 x plastic chairs

·         10 x large bags of white wash to line the sports fields

·         Balloons, string, masking tape, duct tape, garbage bags

·         200 x toilet paper rolls

·         15 x clipboards and pens

·         30 x Gogolympics 2017 t-shirts with HACT logo printed on them for staff/volunteers to wear on the day

·         30 x sunhats/caps for our volunteers to wear on the day

·         Sound system

·        1000 x sandwich bags

If you are able to donate or sponsor any of these items, please contact our Marketing & Fundraising Department on 031 765 5866 or via email at marketing@hillaids.org.za


Over 200 volunteers are needed for the day. Volunteer roles include everything from setting up, packing lunch bags and serving drinks to transporting goods and marking out the fields. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Gogo Support Groups Programme team on 031 765 5866 or via email at grannies@hillaids.org.za

Attend the event:

The Gogolympics is open to the public and is always a fun and memorable day! Please do come along and join us in cheering for your favourite gogos' team! 

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Gogos during a soccer practice