Local Businesses Keep Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust Warm This Winter

30 May 2014

Just in time for winter, two local businesses have come on board to warm up Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust. Isotherm donated 200 square metres of their insulation product, Green Blanket, and Home Insulations installed the product free of charge.

The installation took place on Friday 30 May, just two days before the start of winter. The HACT admin building is home to 20 staff members and volunteers working across the following departments: marketing and fundraising, finance, reception, human resources, horticulture, education and children’s programmes. At times there are up to 30 people in the building with volunteer teams and people coming for meetings.

HACT CEO, Olivia Myeza, said both Isotherm and Home Insulations came to the party quickly and generously. “I picked up the phone and contacted Isotherm and within a few days they had communicated their commitment to donating 200 square metres of Green Blanket free of charge. I then phone Home Insulations, who work closely with Isotherm, and had a commitment for free installation immediately,” she said.

Olivia added that insulation has been badly needed since HACT first moved onto the property at 26 Old Main Road Hillcrest in 2006. “The original house was built sometime in the early 1950s and it doesn’t have any insulation at all. It is absolutely freezing in winter and boiling in summer. We have had staff members walking around in slippers with hot water bottles and blankets wrapped around them in winter, and in summer we have had staff members feeling light headed,” she said.

“Isotherm and Home Insulations have really made our working environment so much more comfortable, and we are deeply grateful. They have also insulated our geysers – meaning we are now more energy efficient and should save electricity and money.”

Isotherm Regional Representative, Nicole Govender, said the company were only too happy to help. “We understand that in order for staff to be productive and to operate at their best level, they need to be comfortable – not freezing cold or boiling hot. HACT do such great work and we are thrilled that we have been able to help them in this way,” she said. Home Insulations Director, Kevin Sykes, said that as winter approaches homes and businesses should consider insulation as a way to keep warm and save money. “With good insulation you find you don’t need to be using heaters, electric blankets and the like. By insulating your geyser you keep the hot water warmer for a lot longer, which also saves electricity.”