Meet a HACT Adopt-a-Bed Donor

29 Jun 2016

First Group - A Proud Adopt-a-Bed Donor

The HACT team are hugely grateful to First Group for their ongoing support of our Adopt-a-Bed campaign. First Group's Media & Marketing Manager, Claire Brider, gives us some insight as to why they are one of our monthly Adopt-a-Bed donors, having adopted two beds in our Respite Unit.

Q: What made First Group decide to adopt beds in HACT's Repsite Unit?

A: At First Group, our policy is to help those who help themselves and HACT does so much more than just care for those affected by the AIDS pandemic. The practical projects undertaken by the centre do so much to empower those most affected by AIDS - providing not only income but education and valuable skills to those who would otherwise have no means of survival. Being located in our immediate area, HACT also gives us the opportunity to participate in our local community, and allows our staff to become integrally involved in the initiative, as it effects all of our lives in one way or another.

Q: How did First Group first get involved with HACT?

A: We initially became aware of HACT through business networking and the charity has long been one of our Group initiatives. First Group has recently increased their contribution by one more bed for the year, as we are aware that HACT has been taking financial strain and the need for support is greater than ever.

Q: How do you feel HIV/AIDS impacts your workplace, community, country?

A: With one of the fastest growing rates of infection in the world, South Africa is greatly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and we have seen our own employees affected by losses to this disease both directly and indirectly. At First Group we believe that it is every person's duty to do what they can to eradicate this scourge which threatens the economy, development and social fibre of our country.

Q: What message would you give to other businesses who may be thinking of adopting a bed at HACT?

A: At First Group, we believe that charity efforts should be more enduring and by supporting the Adopt-a-Bed campaign at HACT, we know that we are keeping up the good work year round. With regular newsletters and updates provided by HACT, we are always in the loop when it comes to knowing what our donations are used for, and we can share in the great strides acheived as well as the struggles encountered by the organisation. HACT gets results way beyond what our contributions alone can achieve, and we are proud to be associated with this fine institution.