Dreams for Africa Chair - Coffee table book


The Dreams for Africa Chair was created in 2009. The Woza Moya crafters attended a body mapping work shop where it came to light that very few of them had dreams. This is because of living in poverty for so long, if you don't know where your next meal is coming from why would you have dreams of your children going to university or building your own house?

We asked the crafters, if they could have anything, what would it be? What does your heart desire? We encouraged the women to bead their dreams...

With the pieces we received the Dream Chair came to life. 

The Chair then started its journey of collecting and inspiring dreams, it has been everywhere from the Valley of 1000 hills, to Germany, to New York to Cape Town, all along it's journey collecting the dreams of anyone who wishes to sit for a while and let themselves dream.

This book is a collection of pictures of people dreaming their dreams.

The book can be couriered anywhere in South Africa for around R60

We are more than happy to ship the book internationally 

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