Counselling and Testing

We have a team of counsellors who conduct roughly 600 HIV tests per month at various locations including our out-patients department, within our Respite Unit, out in the community, and at work-places. Our conviction is that if everyone in the communities we serve would test, know their status, and seek treatment if HIV-positive, then we would see a dramatic decrease in the number of people presenting at our Respite Unit with terminal AIDS. In addition to HIV counselling and testing, our counselling team is also available for crisis counseling, and their services are regularly called upon by community members, other non-profit organisations who do not have onsite counsellors, as well as by our patients. 

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Book a Counselling session

Book our counselling and education team for a corporate, church or community Wellness Campaign or HIV Testing Campaign.

Wellness testing includes: HIV, Blood sugar, Blood pressure and Weight/BMI Testing
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