The largest yarn bombed tree in Africa

For the last 3 years the focus of our big projects had been beadwork, for the 2012 project it was time for something different but no less exceptional. Outside the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust at 26 Old Main road is a very large Jacaranda tree, in 2012 Woza Moya decided to bomb it, yarn style. All our crafters were taught how to crochet and then commissioned to make 20cm by 20cm squares. The squares were sewn together and then wrapped around the Tree! In 3 weeks Woza Moya paid out over R150 000 to the crafters. The result was one of the most beautiful trees in Africa. The Tree got lots of media attention and brought in new customers which are now friends. It has also created a new income with corporates and local businesses contracting us to yarn bomb their premises.

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