Plant Nursery

Our on-site plant nursery Izingadi Zethemba (Gardens of Hope), established in 2003, sells mainly indigenous plants and also plant and decorative pots. The nursery provides employment for a team of five staff members who come from the surrounding communities.  Prices for plants and trees range from R10 for seedlings and smaller plants to R20-R120 for trees and shrubs. Various species of plants are available, including a large variety of indigenous plants and rare species of aloes, although many of these are seasonal so please speak to the Nursery staff to find out what is available at the current point in time. Pots come in several different designs and sizes, and range in price from R45 to R500. The nursery team are also available for landscaping work and have landscaped many gardens, ranging from small gardens in individual homes, to large display gardens at office sites and conference centres. The nursery also sells seeds and seedlings for those starting or growing their own vegetable gardens. Our prices are the lowest in Hillcrest! 

In addition to creating employment, the nursery also serves the purpose of making our site beautiful, full of life and colour and growth - which is a significant metaphore in a HIV/AIDS setting. It also, along with the craft shop and other initiatives onsite, gives people many reasons to come to Hillcrest AIDS Centre - thereby eliminating any stigma associated with entering our property, as one could be coming for a HIV test, or to buy a plant, or to pick out a necklace. 

For queries about our nursery please contact the Nursery Manager on 031 765 5866 or 

Click here to see photographs from the nursery.

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