Volunteer with Us

We welcome volunteers wherever possible – volunteers are the foundation on which our organisation was built, and they continue to play a critical role in each project today. We have local volunteers and international volunteers – people volunteering for just a few hours once a week, people volunteering on one project until that project is complete (for example, events) and people who are committed long-term as volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering with the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust, please complete one of the following forms. If you are a South African national, please complete this SA volunteer form . If you do not hold a South African passport/ID, then please complete this international volunteer form and read this international information pack. Please return the form to: info@hillaids.org.za. While we cannot guarantee that a volunteer placement is available when you apply, we will keep your details in case a vacancy arises. 

We have a slightly different system for school children wishing to do community service with us.  While we are always excited about playing our part in enhancing and encouraging social awareness and a spirit of service and giving back in our local community, we have been refining our systems for managing the high number of requests we receive to host community service volunteers. Please note that our office hours are 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday, so we unfortunately are not able to host volunteers on weekends. School children are welcome to join us during holiday periods. Please email info@hillaids.org.za to request a Community Service Information and Application Form if you or your child are interested in doing community service with us.

Letter from a Volunteer

Dear Olivia and the team at HACT,

 I just want to thank you all so much for an inspiring six weeks. Working with HACT has really opened my mind up to what sort of organization I would like to work for in the future. The hard working staff and volunteers continually inspired me with their heart and generosity, and the creative freedom and support given to all who come through HACT’s doors really make HACT a truly unique organization. The sense of community around the Center is something that I have never experienced in a workplace before.

I felt welcome and comfortable in my role there from day one, and the numerous projects offered meant that a work day was never boring. I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to work in such a dynamic, engaging team. Though there are really too many people to name, I particularly appreciate the kindness of Olivia, Louise, Sbu, John, Bass, Cwengi, and Rita, who all took me under their wing at some point to show me the ropes of the organization. I know that I will continue to look back on this placement with incredibly strong fond memories of the people I met and their kindness. 

 I really hope to see you all again. Keep doing what you do, it really is amazing! Thanks for having me :)

 All the best for the future,


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Volunteer Impact Stories

No more than 2 kilometres from where we live there nestles, just off Old Main Road, a place of hope. I’ve driven passed for years with no more than a passing thought. Two months ago a friend of mine “rescued” a very old and tattered homeless man off the street, and not knowing what to do with him took him there. Her many questions prompted the invitation “come back tomorrow and I’ll show you around”. This is how Tanya and I came to see love unfolding at the Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust (HACT).

As part of experiential working and learning in Child and Youth Development work, Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust (HACT) offers rich deposits of skills. I am very grateful for the experience and lessons I gained within a short space of time. I am so impressed and motivated by the work of Ncami and Sbu, the committed Life Skills and Peer Educators at HACT. What impressed me the most about these educators is that they are bold, energetic and take their work as part of their daily prayer.

From the moment the bell rang at Ukusakwabasha Primary School, deep in the Valley of 1000 Hills, the students were singing and dancing to the tune of Ncami and Sbu’s clapping. Effortlessly laying a positive foundation for the students’ future, both facilitators covered topics of adolescent body change, sexual health and interpersonal relationships, drawing each student into the conversation. As a student of the health sciences and community studies, I was as captivated as the young learners at the way such valuable information was being imparted.

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve been in South Africa, and 5 weeks working at Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust (HACT) as part of the Monash University/Oxfam Partner Internship Program. Having absolutely no expectations or any idea what I was heading into, the experience has been life-changing and unforgettable to say the least. From my second week, the feeling of “volunteer outsider” was organically shrugged off, and I quickly felt like a member of the HACT team (one that just happened not to get paid).

My time as a volunteer at HACT, which was from the 3rd October to the 11th December 2013, has been incredible. From day one everyone embraced me as if I had been part of the team for years. I was stationed in the Marketing and Fundraising Department, and Laurel (the Marketing and Fundraising Co-ordinator) had a to-do list ready upon my arrival. This was perfect – as a postgraduate student I was after valuable experience and only had two and a half months to get it.