A story of resilience and compassionate care

Join us as we share a heart-warming journey with Luthando, a brave 15-year-old girl who overcame adversity through the power of compassion. Her story testifies to the transformative impact of nurturing support and the unwavering dedication of those who made a difference in her life. Born HIV positive, Luthando faced numerous challenges from an early age.

Sadly, her mother neglected to prioritize her medical care, only seeking help when her condition deteriorated. Thanks to vigilant nurses who reported the situation, Luthando’s life took a remarkable turn. Guided by caring social workers and her aunt, Luthando found herself admitted into HACT’s Respite Unit, a haven of healing and compassion.

The staff, led by Sr. Sphe Gamede, welcomed her with open arms, ready to provide the support she needed. Luthando’s journey toward healing began with the help of a dedicated staff counsellor, Bongi. Initially resistant and longing for her family and friends, Luthando gradually embraced her circumstances through their counselling sessions. She found solace and a sense of belonging within the Respite Unit’s warm and compassionate environment.

The Respite Unit not only provided Luthando with essential HIV and tuberculosis treatment, but also supported her academic needs with dedicated staff helping her with homework and liaising with her school. Throughout her time at the Respite Unit, Luthando’s bond with her mother remained strong. Tragically, her mother’s health declined, and she passed. In this time of immense grief, the Respite Unit staff continued rallying around Luthando, providing the love and care she needed to deal with this loss and work toward healing.

Today, Luthando’s transformation is remarkable. Her resilience and determination shine through as she shares her dream of becoming a doctor and impacting the lives of others. Luthando’s story reminds us of the profound impact of compassionate and holistic care. Let us celebrate her journey and honor the compassionate souls who made it possible.

*Name has been changed to protect our patient’s identity

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