Learning to Love: Snegugu & Gogo Jabu’s Story

“I used to think my gogo hated me…”

If you’d asked her four months ago, 15 year-old Snegugu would have described her relationship with her gogo was anything but loving.

“My gogo has been under a lot of stress lately” says Snegugu. “It’s only through attending Sinovuyo, that I’ve come to understand this is what was causing our problems…”

In addition to caring for Snegugu, her sister’s teenage daughter, 54 year-old Gogo Jabu Ncgobo also looks after her three young grandchildren. Since losing her job to COVID, life has been incredibly difficult for Jabu and her family and this financial stress and worry has inevitably led to increased tension within the home.

“I’ve had anger issues since I lost my job” admits Jabu, “I would shout at the children all the time and not talk nicely to them, especially Snegugu…”

However, things have improved significantly in the Ngcobo household since Jabu and Snegugu started taking part in HACT’s Sinovuyo programme. “Yes there’s been a lot of change and a lot less shouting” smiles Snegugu, “my gogo is like a new person and we talk much more freely now, we’ve even started beading together which is a lot of fun.”

Finding constructive ways to manage her stress and anxiety and communicate more effectively with her grandchildren has been life-changing for Gogo Jabu. “I’ve learnt that shouting is not the answer, it just makes you feel worse. To think Snegugu thought I didn’t love her, makes my heart very heavy and I’m trying hard to change that… ” 

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