HACT offers holistic and comprehensive HIV healthcare services to individuals, families and communities that align with South Africa’s National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS, TB & STI’s. These services include HIV testing, TB & STI screening, home-based and inpatient care as well as adherence counselling.

Respite Unit

A beacon of hope

HACT’s 24-bed in-patient Unit provides 24/7 respite and palliative care to children and adults suffering from advanced stages of AIDS and or cancer. Known as “Othandweni” or “Place of Love”, the Unit is currently the only project of its kind in the province and has become a beacon of hope to indigent people who are desperately ill but cannot access mainstream healthcare services.

Over 240 patients per year are admitted to our Unit where they receive quality care and treatment from HACT’s small, yet highly dedicated team of caregivers, nurses and doctors. Those patients who are able to recover receive intensive adherence counselling and continue to have their health and recovery monitored via our Patient Home Visit programme while those patients requiring end-of-life or palliative care pass away in a dignified environment surrounded by our caring team.

Patient Home Visit Programme

Ensuring continuity of care

HACT’s Patient Home Visit programme provides a comprehensive follow-up care service to patients recently discharged from our 24-bed Respite Unit as well as those awaiting admission to the Unit. (We regularly have a waiting list of between 10 – 15 patients.)

Continuity of care for our Respite Unit patients helps to reduce the number of re-admissions due to complications from patients defaulting on their ARV treatment. Through our team of specially trained nurses and community-based caregivers this programme also provides other primary healthcare services such as HIV testing, TB & STI screening, counselling and referrals to social services for our patients’ families, caregivers or neighbours in the community.

HIV Testing & Counselling

HACT provides professional and confidential HIV, TB & STI testing, screening and counselling services. These services are available at our centre on a walk-in basis, through community-based campaigns as well as employee health education and awareness events that we deliver on behalf of local corporates.

At HACT, we recognise that in addition to providing a gateway to HIV care and support services for those who are HIV positive, HIV testing is a key part of effective HIV prevention. All HIV testing and counselling offered by HACT is therefore accompanied by information on the prevention of future transmission of HIV, whether the patient is infected or not.