HACT Commemorates World AIDS Day 2021

In keeping with HACT tradition, our staff and patients gathered in our Othandweni Respite Unit’s memorial garden on December 1st for our annual Candle Lighting Ceremony in commemoration of World AIDS Day.

Speaking at the moving ceremony where 58 candles were lit, one for each patient we have lost in our Unit over the past year, HACT’s CEO, Candace Davidson spoke poignantly about how the success of the HIV response to date is founded in equality, and how more needs to be done to make equal access to testing, treatment, care and support for all a priority.

“I truly believe that AIDS can be beaten, But only if those who are marginalized and most at risk are afforded equal access to the care and support they need to stay healthy…”

HACT Nurse, Sister Sally De Villiers also spoke poignantly about how the message for those living with HIV must be clear and powerful one. “Year on year we bear witness to people losing their lives because they default on their antiretroviral treatment, when the fact is you CAN live a long and healthy life so long as you remain adherent.” 

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