Building Caring Families For Vulnerable Teens

“My relationship with my gogo has improved so much…we are much closer now and I can talk to her about things that are important to me…” 

15 year-old Yolanda is one of 60 local teens who are currently participating in HACT’s Sinovuyo parenting programme with their gogos.

Part of a larger initiative called “Parenting for Lifelong Health“, this intensive 14-week training programme was created by a consortium of international partners including various universities, UNICEF and the WHO and has been proven to reduce child maltreatment by improving parent/caregiver & child relationships.

Issues tackled include communication skills, conflict resolution and safeguarding mental health in order to help families respond better to crisis situations, prevent violence and abuse within the home and build strong, resilient families within which vulnerable children and teens can thrive.

“We are so pleased to be able to bring this much needed programme to the Valley of 1000 Hills where thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children are being cared for by their gogos. Together, we are helping them to bridge the intergenerational gap and raise happy, healthy and connected teens.” Sli Lukhele, HACT’s Community Programmes Manager

Thank you to our key partners, Wereldkinderen and Clowns Without Borders South Africa for enabling our team here at HACT to deliver this much needed initiative to promote the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and teens.

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