Gogos Get Active Ahead Of HACT’s 2019 Gogolympics

Over 1000 grandmothers (gogos) are in training for HACT’s annual Gogolympics event which is taking place on Friday, the 26th April 2019 at the Molweni Sports Ground. This 1-day sporting extravaganza will see local grandmothers from across the Valley of 1000 Hills compete in soccer, netball, sprint relays and other games.

As always the competition is set to be fierce as HACT’s gogos battle it out to see who will be crowned HACT’s 2019 Gogolympics champions! Now in its 9th successive year, this one-of-a-kind event is part of HACT’s Gogo Support Groups programme which provides psycho-social support to grandmothers who are caring for their orphaned grandchildren.

For more info, please contact Claire at fundraising@hillaids.org.za


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